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So... You've found my website, and you're wondering who I am. Maybe you know who I am, but you don't really "know" who I am, or maybe you *do* really "know" who I am, but you want to know what I think you should know, you know? Well, I say identity theft be damned. I'll share a little bit about my history, my education, and my interests.

The year was 1986 - The Chicago Bears beat the New England Patriots to win the Superbowl, the Iran-Contra Affair was blossoming, Haley's Comet made the rounds, the cat-eating ALF finally got his own TV show, and, of course, I was born. At the risk of revealing the answers to *ALL* of my security questions, let's just say I was born in the US, and grew up mostly in the Chicago suburbs. Ever since my dad brought home a computer and a 14.4k modem, I was hooked on technology - specifically: computing. I began my programming journey writing chat room programs for use on AOL, and making unofficial fan websites for a variety of video games. Just some fun stuff in the early internet days. I spent my time in school doing some other fun things too: choir, gymnastics, break dancing, and your standard coming-of-age-type stuff.

I went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to study Computer Science in 2004. This college, the time I spent, and the experiences I had as both a student and a person finding his identity, were invaluable. I reveled in the enormity of the campus, and the diversity of the student body. I found three internships, including my first and furthest move to Massachusetts for a co-op with Intel. Among other things, I found myself an unlikely, but enthusiastic member of Kappa Delta Rho, and regularly attended ballroom dance classes. I chose to do the (ill-advised) 5-year BS/MS program, which effectively gave me one, and only one, graduate year. I suffered and celebrated my classes with my friends and classmates, and look back on the experience, five-and-a-half years after graduating, with fond nostalgia and an all encompassing warmth. In 2009, I graduated from this phase of my life, diploma in hand, bound for my first job in California.

My career thus far almost entirely consists of the 5 years that I spent at NVIDIA from July 2009 through November 2014. Throughout that time, I had various roles within my title of Verification Engineer for the mobile hardware team. I worked on emulation and FPGAs for about a year before transitioning to a pre-silicon SOC verification role for a few years. Throughout that time I got to work on seven different Tegra chips in various roles: SOC verification, unit verification, and post-silicon bringup. I also got to work on the Denver CPU that NVIDIA released in 2014 as part of Tegra-K1 64. Only recently, I left NVIDIA to work in Verification at Apple. I was and remain a CS major in a EE/CE major's world, but I love it.

Since graduating college, and during my time in the Bay Area, I've done a few things other than work, as well. I continued my pursuit of music by taking voice lessons, playing guitar and piano, recording and composing songs, and even singing and playing guitar in a band for a brief period. I love music, and even though I don't always make time for it, it remains my favorite hobby. I feed my programmer's side with various coding projects here and there, including lots of web design, as you'll find throughout this site. I also try to stay active and fit. I rotate through soccer, snowboarding, yoga, rock-climbing, and cross-fit as my body allows. I tore my ACL playing indoor soccer in late 2013, and had ACL reconstruction surgery in early 2014, and that continues to heal. Otherwise, I enjoy wine, wine-tasting, and beer - especially when paired with watching NHL, NFL, or playing board games (think Munchkin, BSG, Nuns on the Run, and Arkham Horror to name a few).

Oh, and I'm down with hiking and traveling to various degrees. That also lends itself to photography, which is a hobby I picked up a couple years ago. You'll find some of my favorite photos archived on this site, too. I've had the opportunity to explore California from the Big Sur to Mendocino to Tahoe and most places in between. I've also been able to visit Hawaii, and a few Spanish-speaking countries like Spain, Ecuador and Peru. I'm not really a travel bug, but I do appreciate the opportunity to visit new places once in a while.

And that's it! I think you now know more about me than I know about me. I don't think I've revealed anything more than what you couldn't already find out about me on Facebook or via other searches. So, to any stalkers out there: you're welcome for the concise overview of my life. To identity thieves: please ignore. To everyone else: thanks for taking the time to get to know me - I hope I can return the favor!